Unfinished Business (EP)

by Fly Moon Royalty

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released February 18, 2014


all rights reserved



Fly Moon Royalty Seattle, Washington

Dichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction.

Comprised of vocalist, Adra Boo and DJ/Producer/Emcee Mike Illvester
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Track Name: Piece Of Me
He dosn’t mind spending more than half of his free time
giving you the time of your life
When was the last time you lifted- you lifted a finger
to tell him he’s the best thing in your life?
He makes the mountains into mole hills
and turns the mundane- the mundane into nonexistence
And he watches you while you overlook appreciation
as he tries, as he raises your existence
he said
Everyone wants a piece, a piece of me, but
they don’t know
they don’t know how to see me
She gives me the most intense feelings of passion
that’s ever run through-ever run through my body
And I tell her everything that rolls off of my tongue easily
most times, without even thinking
She makes me yearn for her touch when she ain't with me-
text on the phone telling me how her body needs me
But she writes me off with the excuse that I’m too busy
but when I have time- when I got time, tell me where is she
I said…
He makes her skin feel every lift in the wind
whenever he holds the girl’s attention
And she tries her hardest to hide expressions on her face
so none would dare- no one would dare to mention
When they’re alone, there’s no doubt that they want
but the knowing, the knowing questions all of the needs
So they constantly do the dance around secrets
and nobody, nobody chooses if they follow or if they lead
they say…
Track Name: No Pain No Gain
Tell me how long we’re gonna keep playing the game
You want your space and I want mine, but those are words you like to say
And when the phone continues to ring or when you text my name
I keep on telling myself that I’m too old to play
Do you know what time it is? I’m in the streets, out with my crew
I admit there are sometimes I wish I was out with you
But ove, you did this to yourself, and you’re the only one to blame
Sometimes, the heart can be so lame, but no pain, no gain.
I wanna move on to the next one, but I keep seeing your face
I swear I wanna shake the town- the town is such a small place
Why do you keep on popping up up? Why can’t I go anywhere?
Even though you’re not with me, here you are soon as I get there
I roll my feelings up with trees and pour this clear into the glass
I replay sweet memories of before I met yo’ ass
Sometimes, I wish I hadn't met you, but I ain't hatpin’ on the past
Cuz the truth of the matter is I still wanna like you ass.
Tell me how long we’re gona keep playing the game
You want your space and I want mine, but those are words you like to say
I wanna break free, I wanna break out of your chains
As much as I wanna be through, my want for you, it still remains
And when the phone continues to ring or when you text my name
I keep on telling myself that I’m too old to play
So I turn the ringer off, turn up this beat, kick off my shoes
And move on to the next rack, cuz honey, I got things to do.
Track Name: DNA
I can't read your mind but your body is an open book
your eyes are pleading while I lean in for a closer look
I read between your lines/ studying your design
I need to do my homework before I bend your spine

I'm telling you my secrets/ I share with you my weakness
Lets make this LOV...Easy for you and me
We on that inside lane/ Now you in my brain
together like DNA .... You in my strain

We together like DNA

Position double helix / forget your troubled feelings
potent emotions every single time we move the ocean
conversations with our hands/ you hear me loud and clear
I'm talking with my mouth but with no words to hear.

lets get intimate / thats if your into it
I think you feel it too/ cuz I'm so in-tune-with
Your body's frequency / I hear it speak to me
I wanna whisper back.... you're safe with me.

We together like DNA
Track Name: Step Hard
I’m not gonna whisper cuz it’s not a secret
I’m gonna yell it out without any regrets
cuz I’m doing what I do
and I don’t give a fuck if it offends you
I do what the hell I wanna- can’t tell me shit about it
when you start paying me for it, than I’ll start thinking about it
let it off the Richter scales
then slow it down like we took the wind out your sail
I am my own chica- my lifestyle is my biz
some people- they like it, others don’t know what it is
it’s all good- no expectation
but everything’s better with crowd participation
I’m not gonna tip toe- no, not gonna tip toe
I just wanna step hard
Sweetheart if you don’t know, get with the pro
I just wanna step hard
I pick my battles, I choose every damn one
I got a chip in my tooth cuz I don't bite my tongue
Now you're slipping so much that your names been tainted
talk a big game but Follow-thru's a bitch ain't it?

Your word is joke but that shit ain't funny
That's why I'm sticking to guns like pistols dipped in honey
Funny how they in your face trying to be so pleasing
Please, G if you really wanna please me...
Next time you see us go and skip us with the BS
Cuz I wouldn't take your word if you was muthafuckin' Jesus

Like color contact.. I see through lies
and look you in your face so that you Real-eyes
it's bullshit and excuses when you open your mouth
that's why my brain is entertaining thoughts of choking you out
Yeah i know how you feel, sometimes I'm too real
and my words tend to hurt like shots from blue steel
Track Name: The Anthem
And you can say what you want about me
Say what you want about me
You can say what you want about me

We get it Live like it's Saturday Night
a lot of dogs wanna bark, if you ask me... shit I'd rather they bite.
Since the.. year of the Ram I've been hard headed like a hard hat
the weekend is here and i'm getting boosted like a car jack

Sittin' back with your man getting bubbly
but the troubles he's more of a handful than Double D's
covered in beads, Mardi Gras steez
licking off more shots than the SPD

these spirits got me possessed with ease
I seem to be lit more than Christmas trees
bar lights go up but we never wanna leave
cuz the party don't stop til late in eve

or the AM

Hey Ma'am do you have minute
Imma spit game even though the room is spinning
It's my last chance/ the nights in the 9th inning
We'll arrive on time / I'll make sure we're both winning

This beat is so nasty it's giving birth defects
and we coming so hard like it's perfect sex
Head nodding to the drum will make you work your neck
cuz these mean muthafuckas gonna earn respect

Learn to check/ your tone when you roaming alone
and outside your zone and you far from your home
if you can't feel this shit you need to take a seat
cuz all the rest of these fools paying homage to the beat

I'm in love with rhythm/ what it does to the woman
the way they move their hips like they got the devil in'em
even the hardest muthafuckers can't help but stand up
posted on the side/ head down and hands up

She's moving like a snake/ this shit's hard to take
she's rubbing on my leg and I can feel the earth shake
It's a filthy drum beat/ she loves the dirt
She's looking wide-eyed like I put two up her shirt

They say I’m something like a big deal
Keeps it classy- jazz flute snazzy
Say I’m something like a big deal- Fly Moon Royalty.