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Delicious Trouble (Album)

by Fly Moon Royalty

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Find You 02:43
Today I find myself unchallenged The mundane activity of the weekday Eventually I happened to manage the tasks till they were finished completely My mind becomes so distracted I act on impulse to make a move To get you you/ To get to you In the music, that’s where I find you
Can't say I see/ Can't say I see you with your man Don't know the details of whatever y'all are doing but I can see him/ I can see him next to me And I can see his chocolate skin caressing parts of me Can't say I see/ Can't say I see a family Don't know the history or the life that y'all are living But I can feel him/ I can feel him lightly breathe And I can taste his lips whenever they're kissing me I never said I’m right/ Could be my imagination… But I keep him on my mind/ Could be in my imagination Can't say that I/ Can't say that I ain't feeling him I'm sure he sees the emotion in my eyes But I try to keep it to myself He sits next to me/ His hand upon my thigh And every thought that follows is wrong I set this love upon him just like a tablecloth And my love is a feast beyond a holiday And he searches me to find my secret recipes
Grown Man 03:44
Baby, I done come home to my things on the lawn again I don't know how many times I gotta tell you where I been How many times will I say I love you before you believe it Oh, I'm getting tired of being sick and tired/ When I say I love you, I mean it If I was in the streets doin dirt, you'd prolly believe me But girl, I'm at work/ You know I'm doin my thing Now, you tellin me not to come home Baby, let me get a word in before you throw out me TV I ain't been nowhere/ Not out with the fellas/ And I ain't got no other playthings On my grown man/ Trying to keep my lady laced in the finer things So girl, act like you got some home-training Come out here and help me pick up these things We got these nice things cuz I work for it You're in a clean ride/ Paperwork's legit And, mama, I'm tired/ I’m tired of coming home to all of this bullshit
Good to Go 04:07
Redirection/ You so fine Interaction/ Take my time Cuz you know any party we’re up in Is good to go so, baby, let’s get it in So good to go So good to go So go with the flow Now you’re good to go Chain reaction/ Sweat it out Satisfaction/ Without doubt So come close so I can feel your heart beat You’re good to go anytime you go with me
Can’t stop watching/ Every turn finds my eye on you Have I seen you before/ You look like you’re fresh and new My girl’s start to hawkin’ ya/ I gotta stand out to you They shakin and gyratin/ I just wanna see what it do Honestly I'll prolly never talk to you I'm cool but still a hella awkward dude I'm better at stalking you/ Bird watching / I’m hawkin' you While your walkin though/ Talk to two Or maybe dance with three, but not with me Cuz honestly, I don't wanna be Another lame muthafucker tryna throw the D I'm doing this dance because it's keeping the lights on I'm feeling your vibe, but I keep doing this dance so I can Keep on the level/ I can keep on providing But I'm feeling your vibe though And I'd like to get at you so She's got those butter lips/ Sweet texture/ Red velvet dark & rich Thick dark curls that's hard to miss/ Body rolling like cake batter mix That booty has a attitude/ It's teasing me/ How rude Cheekbones/ Very little make-up/ Au naturale/ So natural They call her to the stage/ As soon as the light hit She lays down the law/ Red beans and rice ain’t missed She drops it to her knees/ Whippin them hair flips And brings it back up slow/ Steadily clockin chips. Her movement is music/ Hips are abusive those legs are a weapon, and she knows how to use em I'm playing it ultra-cool/ Low posted, She twists her body in slow motion Ain't that some shit/ I fell in love with a working girl Eyes lock and we start this dance/ My body/ It shows you things Dipping and grinding babe/ Take my hand/ I’ll lead the way Let’s dip the hell out of here and drive till it’s full on day The question is will it last cuz I got these moves to make
I Miss Her 04:34
No more text messages No more emoticons with that cheap ass smile No more/ No more jokes on the phone No more talking till it’s out of style No more side eyes Ooo/ Or flirty faces She let me go she let me go She let me go I know I said I wasn’t gonna feel it I know I said I wasn’t gonna say I miss her I miss her, but she’s over me I miss her I miss her, but she’s over me No more stopping by your mama’s place Tryna get a bite up off your plate No more cracking up with your family I swear, when you kicked me to the curb, that’s where they all put me No more love Maybe even no more likes Ooo my Facebook done got a lot lonelier Since you up and walked up out my life
Windows 04:18
She's got this life/ Don't know that she likes And she hides it out in the world In a disguise built up at night I guess she's just that kind of girl She feeds the wind with sway of the hips And the stories of lovers lost Wearing the mask to cover her past And her heart's where she pays the cost She just wants a life of splendor Names on marquees/ Diamond everything/ All-white parties/ Doing the big things She just wants a life of splendor No memories of the hard times/ No reminders of the times she's cried All she wants is a life that's insane A continual dance to the song that she sang Sunny days with the wind ain't a thing Champagne in her hand and a smile she maintains Love that won't let her down in the end All her friends all around and the party they bring To let go of a past full of pain Removes her disguise and lets it rain She just wants to be...  A part of everything
My eyes just keep watching you I see exactly how you do I wanna know the ways to your heart/ To it My eyes just keep watching you To memorize the way you move I wanna know the way to get next to you I've been watching you… From across the room, I spot you Doing what they do, I watch you Crafting every move to follow you Standing close to better the view I can see the sweat formed when you Make your waist do rounds within the moves Like the wolf, big eyes to see you Loked up in the cut with nerves to Wrap my arms around the thought of you Quicksand grabs my heels/ I’m in too Deep to make the mind to talk to You, so creeping stares I just live thru
Insert these feelings/ Every moment sounds like jokes With all our friends around, we’re always laughing/ Laughing But as soon as its us and the doors are closed We’re back at throats/ Words we don’t mean thrown around/ Lashing Millions of times, I said I’d walk away/ Can’t walk away, but I see your shoes/ Your coat/ Your cool/Aand again, I’m taken They say that you learn the hard way/ Now I finally realize the mistakes we’re making I wanna love you but it can’t always be the way you want If it’s not a two-way street, I can’t do this anymore Tell me if I’m thinking selfishly/ I wanna be fair, but If it’s not a two-way street, I can’t do this anymore Taken emotion/ Sometimes we move systematically With all our friends around, we’re always laughing/ Laughing But as soon as its us and the doors are closed I never know what happened/ Moods change so dramatically Millions of times I said I’d walk away/ Can’t walk away, but I see your shoes/ Your coat/ Your cool/ And again, I’m taken They say that you learn/ Say that you learn the hardest way Can’t figure it out/ It’s got me so shaken I can’t/ Do this/ Anymore Tell me if I’m thinking selfishly Millions of times ‘said we’d walk away But again and again, every time, I’m taken Well never learn/ Ain’t learned a thing All I know is that I love you
Slow Cook 04:04
I can feel it coming on You’re such a rush of sugar, baby Richer than red velvet cake You should be my sugar daddy Come over, baby/ Lets get it going You can’t stop movin/ I’m already knowing If you wanna do this right now, then let’s go… to the dance floor Slow Down/ Aww now Get down/ Go’on now You’d swear it was an endless summer All I see is bodies shining The DJ’s playing all my jams We’re bumpin-sweatin-windin on ‘em Come closer baby/ Your heart is thumping You can’t stop movin/ Yeah, this beat is jumping She said she wanna do it right now so get ghost… to the dance floor I play it low-key in the back/ You know me Posted up watching you watching me That old game when you run into an old flame Slow eye-contact/ Unbroken Undeniable attraction/ Unspoken We can feel the energy/ So potent  Watching every gesture in slow motion How we gonna pretend like we ain't swimming in the deep end When them old feeling seep in I look in your eyes and I can see in But now we in Trouble with it/ It ain't subtle, is it We say we wanna talk and we say we want to listen But we can be trusted, after all We spent half the night in the bathroom stall
I tried giving it to you And it goes nowhere You say that I do it wrong That love just don’t live there Is it in the way that I say the words to you Was it in the things you did to let me know Maybe if I put it on high and send it up Maybe if we put it on high, we’ll learn to love You try giving it to me And it goes nowhere I say that it takes too long And love just can’t live there Is it in the way that we say/ We say the words Is it in the things we do/ Please let me know Maybe if we put it on high and send it up Maybe if we put it on high, we’ll learn to love Found love/ On high Found love/ On high We gave/ Gave it to the wind And it became the breeze We held/ Held it all along Summer from a deep freeze It was in the way that we said/ We spoke the phrase It was in the things we did/ It let us know Maybe if we put it on high, and sent it up Maybe if we put it on high, we learn to love


released April 22, 2016

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Fly Moon Royalty

Additional vocals by Caela Bailey (Imagination), Galen Disston (2-Way Street), and Hollis Wong-Wear (Deep Freeze)

Mastering: Martin Feveyear for Jupiter Studios, Seattle, WA
Art Design & Layout: Radjaw for Out For Stardom

2020 Update: Delicious Trouble is the last album made by Fly Moon Royalty, and will forever remain dedicated to all of our friends and loves, fans, and anyone who came together to help fund this project. You are part of this album and part of the Royal Team. Special thanks to our partners and families who had to put up with us at the time, hahaha, and to our #DeliciousTroubleLP team, Simone, Bryan, and Sarah.


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Fly Moon Royalty Seattle, Washington

Dichotomy in a partnership is always tricky, but not for Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty. Bleeding with all the heart and soul of blues and r&b, combined with the contemporary aesthetics of modern day electronica and hip hop, the collaboration of the Seattle-based duo is a perfectly fitting contradiction.

Comprised of vocalist, Adra Boo and DJ/Producer/Emcee Mike Illvester
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